Dustin (name)

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Word/nameOld Norse
MeaningThor's stone
Other names
Related namesThorstein, Thorsten, Thurstan, Thurston, Torstein, Torsten

Dustin is a surname and masculine given name.


Dustin originates from an English surname, which is derived from the Norman personal name Tustin, variant form of Turstin, Torstein, which is in turn derived from the Old Norse Þorsteinn (Torsten).[1] This Old Norse name is composed of elements meaning Þor (the god Thor) and steinn "stone".[2]

Given name[edit]


  • Bill Dustin (1909–2001), New Zealand cricketer
  • Frederic H. Dustin (1930–-2018), American philanthropist
  • Hannah Duston (1657–1736, 1737 or 1738), also spelled Dustin, American Puritan woman who was captured by and escaped from a Abenaki raiding party from Quebec

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