Dysoxylum fraserianum

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Dysoxylum fraserianum
Dysoxylum fraserianum - Comboyne.jpg
Dysoxylum fraserianum at Boorganna Nature Reserve, Australia
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Sapindales
Family: Meliaceae
Genus: Dysoxylum
Species: D. fraserianum
Binomial name
Dysoxylum fraserianum
(A.Juss.) Benth.
Dysoxylum pachyphyllum is sometimes erroneously called D. fraserianum in older sources.

Dysoxylum fraserianum (Rosewood or Australian Rose Mahogany) is a large tree species native to NSW and Queensland, Australia.[1]

Mature trees can grow up to 57 m in height, with a trunk up to 3.5 metres in diameter.[2] It has 6.5–25 cm long paripinnate dark-green leaves with 4–12 leaflets.

D. fraserianum is one of the most common tree species in subtropical rainforests of Australia. It is a typical long-lived, slow-growing and shade-tolerant climax species.[2] Rosewood has been extensively logged for its fragrant red timber.[3]



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