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A wild beach close to Dyuni where the sand dunes that gave the resort its name can be seen

Dyuni (Дюни, "Dunes"; also Duni or Dyunite) is a holiday town and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, 40 km south of the Bulgarian city of Burgas and 7 km from Sozopol. The construction of the resort began in 1987 by an Austrian company and after a Bulgarian project.

The resort has a length of 4–5 km and a width of over 100 m, with a beach suitable for windsurfing and other water sports in a wide bay. Dyuni Royal Resort has ten tennis courts (3 hard with tartan surface and 7 with artificial grass with quartz sand)[1] and a number of swimming pools.


Coordinates: 42°22′18″N 27°42′18″E / 42.37167°N 27.70500°E / 42.37167; 27.70500