Dzyarzhynsk Raion

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Dzyarzhynsk Raion
Дзяржынскі раён Дзержинский район
Flag of Dzyarzhynsk Raion
Coat of arms of Dzyarzhynsk Raion
Coat of arms
Location of Dzyarzhynsk Raion
Administrative center Dzyarzhynsk
 • Total 1.200 km2 (0.463 sq mi)
 • Total 61.500
Website Dzyarzhynsk ispolkom website

Dzyarzhynsk Raion is a second-level administrative subdivision (raion) of Minsk Voblast, Belarus. Its capital is the town of Dzyarzhynsk.[1] In Dzyarzhynsk Raion (Dzerzhinsky district) the highest point of Belarus is situated. It is 345 meters above level sea called Dzerzhinskaya mountain or Dzyarzhynskaya Hara.[2]

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Coordinates: 53°41′N 27°08′E / 53.683°N 27.133°E / 53.683; 27.133