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EASTinternational is an open submission exhibition that was launched in 1991 and curated by Lynda Morris at Norwich Gallery at Norwich University of the Arts.[1] Applications from over 1,000 contemporary artists are received each year with approximately 25-30 artists selected to exhibit. Many artists who are now recognised as important figures had one of their first major public showings at EAST including Martin Creed, Jeremy Deller, Matthew Higgs, Tomoko Takahashi, Zarina Bhimji, Lucy McKenzie and Runa Islam. Some of these have gone on to win, or be nominated for, the Turner Prize.


Selectors for each EAST are invited by Lynda Morris (EAST curator) and the EAST steering committee to reflect emerging political, social and artistic trends.

EAST award winners[edit]

An award of £5,000 is given to an artist chosen by the selectors to help develop their work.[3]

  • 1991 Alexander Guy
  • 1992 Victoria Arney, Naomi Dines
  • 1993 Kenny Hunter
  • 1994 Stephanie Smith
  • 1995 Mary Evans
  • 1996 Jacqueline Mesmaeker
  • 1997 Tomoko Takahashi
  • 1998 Martin McGinn
  • 1999 Lucy McKenzie
  • 2000 Jananne Al-Ani, Hew Locke
  • 2001 Zarina Bhimji
  • 2002 Adam Blumberg, Clare Iles, Daniel Milohnic/Dirk Paschke, Hiraki Sawa, Jessica Jackson Hutchins
  • 2003 Richard Hughes
  • 2004 Justin Mortimer
  • 2005 Award shared amongst all artists
  • 2006 Jarrett Mitchell, Ruth Ewan
  • 2007 Patricia Esquivias


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