Baltimore Water Taxis

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Baltimore Water Taxi
Locale Baltimore Inner Harbor
Waterway Baltimore Inner Harbor
Transit type Water taxi
Owner Kevin Plank
Operator Sagamore Ventures
Began operation 4 July 1975[1]
No. of lines 3
No. of vessels 13
No. of terminals 13
Daily ridership 16,000,000 over 25 years
Website Baltimore Water Taxis

Baltimore Water Taxis is a water taxi service offering sightseeing and transportation service mainly to points along the Baltimore Inner Harbor. It was founded by Edward M. Kane (1931–2003),[2] and for many years known as Ed Kane's Water Taxi. In 2010 it was sold and renamed.[3]

While tourism is the traditional use of these taxis,[4][5] there are increasing efforts to use them as commuter transportation. Here one of the barriers is getting from the dock to the office, and Ed Kane's was one of the first to offer extra ground transportation for this purpose.[6] The city of Baltimore is encouraging this by subsidizing some new routes, some operated by Ed Kane's,[7] but this has in turn been criticized as an inefficient use of taxpayer money.[8]

In 2016, the Baltimore Water Taxi service was purchased by Sagamore Ventures, operated by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank. Under the new ownership, the Baltimore Water Taxi has plans to expand transportation service to Port Covington in South Baltimore.[9]

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  • Living Classrooms Foundation, was a competitor operating the Harbor Shuttle service in Baltimore's Harbor until closing after an accident in March 2004.


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