Edenvale, San Jose

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Hayes Mansion
Edenvale is located in San Jose, California
Coordinates: 37°14′28″N 121°47′58″W / 37.24118°N 121.79932°W / 37.24118; -121.79932 (Japantown)Coordinates: 37°14′28″N 121°47′58″W / 37.24118°N 121.79932°W / 37.24118; -121.79932 (Japantown)
Country United States
CountySanta Clara
CitySan Jose
ZIP Code
95111, 95123, 95136
Area code(s)Area code 408

Edenvale is a neighborhood of San Jose, California, in South San Jose.


Hayes Mansion is one of the best examples of Mediterranean Revival architecture in the Silicon Valley.

Edenvale was once a town, named with reference to the Garden of Eden, because of the beauty and fertility of the place.[1]

One of the oldest buildings in the area is Hayes Mansion. The Union Pacific Railroad and historic Monterey Road runs through the area, which is also known as El Camino Real. The railroad line carries Amtrak's "Coast Starlight."

The most popular recent history of the neighborhood includes Frontier Village, which was an amusement park operated from 1961 to 1980. Most of the land was redeveloped into residential housing.


It is one of the neighborhoods inside San Jose district 2.[2] The Blossom Valley and Santa Teresa areas are considered to be south of Edenvale, and the Seven Trees area is considered north of Edenvale.


The Edenvale Branch of the San José Public Library.

Parks, libraries and other public areas of interest include:


The following are schools located in the Edenvale area:

The public schools are in the Oak Grove School District (San Jose, California) and the East Side Union High School District.

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