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Eduardo L. Joson (born 1919-died 1990) was a captain of Filipino guerrillas during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II. He later became the Governor of the Nueva Ecija Province in the Philippines from 1959 to 1992, making him the second longest serving politician serving one government position in the Philippines for a span of 33 years.

World War II[edit]

Joson was the captain of Squadron 213 of the guerrilla fighters in the Philippines. Along with Captain Juan Pajota, they led the Philippine guerillas during the Raid at Cabanatuan supporting the Alamo Scouts, the largest rescue of prisoners of war in US military history.

Politics and legacy[edit]

After the war, Joson took part in helping rebuild the infrastructure of the Philippines. He was subsequently elected as the Governor of Nueva Ecija, the same province in which the raid took place. He served from 1959 to 1992. Joson conceived the idea of a capitol building in Palayan City which was finally established and opened on January 25, 2002 by his son, Tomas N. Joson who also became the governor of the province in 1992 and served until 2007 together with his cousin who was then his executive adviser, Julio M. Joson after his term as Vice Mayor. On August 5, 2004, a hospital was dedicated in his honor and college was also named after him. It was then announced that their descendants Edward Joson and Julio Jose G Joson will continue the legacy of former Governor Eduardo (Tatang) Joson and pass on to their children.

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