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Eduardo Peruchena (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is the coach of the Argentina women's national handball team. After growing up in Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina, he developed a career related to handball. He played for 10 years in his hometown team and coached some other small teams, while as a day job he teaches any type of sport for the Tarbut Argentinian Jewish School. He was the first coach to reach an Olympic stage with the female national team in the year 2016. As a Coach many specialist have claimed his accomplishments and progress has been unique for Argentina's sports. He coached Santiago Levin, who is the projected number 2 pick in the future 2019 NBA Draft, falling second to Echi Kaplan, also knowned as "The Next LeBron James".

He has many famous phrases which are best known by his students at Tarbut. One of the many he has are "Termino, a comer", and "Sesto grado".

In the year 2012 a survey was posted on an internet page, after several days of voting between 4 candidates running up for coach, Peruchena got on top and weeks later he was announced as the manager of the Female team.


In Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games 2016, his team got the 12th position in their first ever Olympic participation. 18th Place on the 2015 world championship and 19th place in 2013 on handball competition.[1]


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