Eesti otsib superstaari (season 2)

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Eesti otsib superstaari
Season 2
Broadcast from February 3 – June 8, 2008
Judges Mihkel Raud
Heidy Purga
Rein Rannap
Host(s) Märt Avandi
Ott Sepp
Broadcaster TV3
Finals venue Linnahall
Jana Kask
Jana Kask IMGP5476.JPG
Winner Jana Kask
Origin Tartu, Estonia
Genre(s) Pop rock
Hard rock
Arno Suislep
Eesti otsib superstaari Finalists
(with dates of elimination)
Season 2 (2008)
Estonia Jana Kask Winner
Estonia Arno Suislep June 8
Estonia Kristiina Piperal June 1
Estonia Artur Rassmann May 25
Estonia Norman Salumäe May 18
Estonia Eliis Pärna May 11
Estonia Taavi Immato May 4
Estonia Kristjan Laas April 27
United Kingdom Timothy Jarman April 20
Estonia Keit Triisa April 13

The second season of Eesti otsib superstaari started on February 3, 2008[1] and lasted until June 2008. The hosts of first season were replaced by two male comedians/actors, Ott sepp and Märt Avandi. Heidy Purga, Mihkel Raud and Rein Rannap continued as judges.


Auditions took place in same towns as in first season. The first audition took place in Pärnu on January 12, 2008. Three other auditions were held in Tartu, Jõhvi and Tallinn. Age limits were widened from 16–25 to 15–30. Unlike the first season, acoustic instruments were allowed to use in auditions. More than 2,300 people sang in the auditions. Only about 100 of them qualified to the theatre round.

Theatre rounds[edit]

Theatre round took place in Eesti Nukuteater, Tallinn. 30 of 100 new singers were chosen by the judges to the semi-finals.


Unlike from the first season three semi-finals were held, plus a 'second chance' semi-final. The Semi-finals took place in Club Privé in Tallinn. Ten singers sang in each semi-final. After nationwide televoting, three of them were qualified to the finals. Ten singers who failed to qualified to the finals were given a second chance by the judges. Kristiina Piperal won the second chance round and was the tenth finalist.

Date First Second Third
March 16 Timothy Jarman Eliis Pärna Taavi Immato
March 23 Norman Salumäe Keit Triisa Artur Rassmann
March 30 Kristjan Laas Jana Kask Arno Suislep
April 6


Kristiina Piperal
(Viewers Choice)


During the finals 9 shows were aired on TV3. The finals took place in TV3 studio, Pärnu Concert Hall in Pärnu, Jõhvi Concert Hall in Jõhvi, Vanemuise Concert Hall in Tartu, Estonian National Opera concert hall in Tallinn and the Superfinale took place in Linnahall, Tallinn.

Top10: Film music[edit]

The bottom three: Keit Triisa, Eliis Pärna, Taavi Immato
The bottom two: Eliis Pärna, Keit Triisa
Eliminated: Keit Triisa

Top 9: Hip-Hop and R&B[edit]

The bottom three: Kristjan Laas, Timothy Jarman, Norman Salumäe
The bottom two: Norman Salumäe, Timothy Jarman
Eliminated: Timothy Jarman

Top 8: Estonian music[edit]

  • Artur Rassmann – "Valgus" by Gunnar Graps
  • Kristiina Piperal – "Jää" by Dagö
  • Kristjan Laas – "Leekiv armastus" by Genialistid & Lea Liitmaa
  • Taavi Immato – "See ei ole saladus" by Terminaator
  • Jana Kask – "Palun andeks su käest" by Smilers
  • Norman Salumäe – "Kui mind enam ei ole" by Urmas Alender
  • Eliis Pärna – "Sinu hääl" by Liisi Koikson
  • Arno Suislep – "Kurjuse laul" by Olav Ehala

The bottom three: Kristjan Laas, Jana Kask, Artur Rassmann
The bottom two: Jana Kask, Kristjan Laas
Eliminated: Kristjan Laas

Top 7: Unplugged[edit]

The bottom three: Taavi Immato, Norman Salumäe, Artur Rassmann
The bottom two: Taavi Immato, Norman Salumäe
Eliminated: Taavi Immato

Top 6: Frank Sinatra[edit]

The bottom two: Artur Rassmann, Eliis Pärna
Eliminated: Eliis Pärna

Top 5: Rock & Disco[edit]

The bottom two: Kristiina Piperal, Norman Salumäe
Eliminated: Norman Salumäe

Top 4: Ivo Linna/Tõnis Mägi & Billboard Chart[edit]

The bottom two: Artur Rassmann, Arno Suislep
Eliminated: Artur Rassmann

Top 3: Duets[edit]

Eliminated: Kristiina Piperal


Winner: Jana Kask
Runner-up: Arno Suislep

Elimination chart[edit]

Did Not Perform Female Male Top 30 Top 10 Winner
Safe Safe First Safe Last Eliminated Wild Card Did Not Perform
Stage: Semi Wild
Week: 03/16 03/23 03/30 04/06 04/13 04/22 04/27 05/04 05/11 05/18 05/25 06/01 06/08
Place Constestant Result
1 Jana Kask 2nd Btm 2 Winner
2 Arno Suislep 3rd Btm 3 Btm 2 Runner-Up
3 Kristiina Piperal Elim 1st Btm 2 Elim
4 Artur Rassmann 3rd Btm 3 Btm 2 Elim
5 Norman Salumäe 1st Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
6 Eliis Pärna 2nd Btm 2 Elim
7 Taavi Immato 3rd Btm 3 Elim
8 Kristjan Laas 1st Btm 3 Elim
9 Timothy Jarman 1st Elim
10 Keit Triisa 2nd Elim
Karolin Minenko 5th 2nd
Kaidi Feldmann 5th 3rd
Karmen Korjus 4th 4th
Linda Zagorska 5th 5th
Anne Arrak Elim Elim
Anneli Arusalu Elim
Karine Nõgisto Elim
Mariliis Loos Elim
Mari Ronimois Elim
Final 3
Fredi Kaasik 4th
Marey Utno Elim
Mart Metsjõe
Märt Metsjõe
Final 2
Dmitri Kurilov 4th
Jana Viital Elim
Liana Matšukans
Toomas Pruunsild
Final 1
Aleksei Aleksashkin Elim
Eva Vaino
Rasmus Trull

After the show[edit]

After winning the show, Jana Kask started collaboration with Alar Kotkas and his team to finish Kask's debut album. On October 30, 2008 she released her first single "Leaving You For Me", which was said to be written by Swedish composers specially for Jana. Although later in the media it was found out that the song had been previously sung by Martin Kesici and Tarja Turunen.

One year after winning the show Jana Kask has not released her debut album. Kask has said that she has done anything and she don't know why the album has not released by her record company. Kask's producer Alar Kotkas explained that album has not been released due to the risks in the market, but was hopeful that album will be released during the summer of 2009.

In August 2009, when the auditions of third season of Eesti otsib superstaari had already begun, Jana's debut album had still not been released. Since Alar Kotkas had not released the album, Jana started collaboration with Ivar Must. In September 2009 Jana and her new manager Ivar Must, announced that debut album is completed. When album will be released is unknown at the moment.

One of few finalists who are still active in music industry is Taavi Immato, who got 7th place. Since June 2009, Immato is a singer in popular Estonian band, Shanon. Together with Shanon, Immato has released a debut album "Üksinda" (Alone).

Timothy Jarman, an English singer living in Estonia, who got 9th place in the finals, started his own record company. It is named Jarman Records. Jarman has released a debut single "You and Me".

Keit Triisa, who got 10th place in the finals, started acting career. In summer of 2009 Triisa acted in Ugala Theatre's summer play "Charley's Aunt". Also Kristjan Laas, who reached 8th place, has started his acting career in ETV's TV-series "Klass" (Class).


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