Egypt–Slovenia relations

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Egyptian-Slovenian relations
Map indicating locations of Egypt and Slovenia



Egyptian-Slovenian relations are foreign relations between Egypt and Slovenia. Since September 2007, Egypt has an embassy in Ljubljana. Slovenia has an embassy in Cairo (opened in 1993). Both countries are members of the Union for the Mediterranean.

Diplomatic visits[edit]

In June 1999, Slovene Prime Minister Janez Drnovsek met Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal al-Janzuri in Cairo. They discussed means of boosting bilateral cooperation in the various domains especially the economic one.[1]

In May 2007, Slovene Transport Minister Janez Bozic met his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Mansour in Cairo. Their talks focused on boosting transport ties between the Egyptian port of Alexandria and the Slovenian port of Koper. Bozic said there was greater demand for the shipment of perishable goods, such as fruit and vegetables.[2]


In 1997, the two countries signed a trade agreement.[3]

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