Egyptian Third Division

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Egyptian Third Division
Country Egypt
Confederation CAF
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Egyptian Second Division
Relegation to Egyptian Fourth Division
Domestic cup(s) Egyptian Soccer Cup

Egyptian Third Division (Arabic: دوري الدرجة الثالثة المصري‎) is a football division in Egypt. It is the third level on the Egyptian football league system.

Participating teams[edit]

Club Home City First season
current spell
El Badri FC - 2009-10
Quos FC - 2009-10
Bani Sweif FC Beni Suef 2009-10
Desouk SC Desouk 2009-10
Mnouf FC - 2009-10
Misr Insurance FC - 2009-10
Ghazl El Suez FC Suez 2009-10
Talkha Electricity FC - 2009-10
El Henawy FC - 2009-10
Domiat Club Damietta 2009-10
Madina Monowara Luxor 2010-11
Wadi El Gedid FC New Valley Governorate 2010-11
Shouban Qenah Qena 2010-11
Al-Sekka Al-Hadid Cairo 2010-11
Gomhoreyat Shepin FC Shibin El Kom 2010-11
Banha FC Banha 2010-11
Senbellawein FC El Senbellawein 2010-11
Al-Zarqa FC - 2010-11
Kafr Al-Sheikh Kafr El-Sheikh 2010-11
new Wady New Valley Governorate 2010-11
El Marg SC Cairo 2012-13
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