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Eitan Reiter
Background information
OriginIsrael Haifa, Israel
GenresElectronica, electronic music, techno, deep house, tech house, progressive house, chillout music, world music
Occupation(s)Record Producer, Sound Engineer
Years active2006–present
LabelsAleph Zero, Digital Structures, Mule-Musiq
Associated actsLOUD, Unoccupied, Eitan Reiter & A. Balter, Eitan Reiter & Sebastian Mullaert, Eitan Reiter & Gal Perez
MembersEitan Reiter

Eitan Reiter (born December 3, 1982) is a musician and producer. Eitan has released seven studio albums, one in his solo project under his own name,[1] one album with Sebastian Mullaert ex minilogue,[clarification needed][2] four studio albums as LOUD[3] with Kobi Toledano, and one album as Unoccupied [4] with Nadav Katz.

Early years[edit]

He was born in Haifa, Israel and since he was a young boy he followed his father, a classical guitar player and an acoustic guitar collector to this day. He played guitar with his father, which was his gateway to his love of music. During these years, Reiter was inspired by the sounds of synthesizers and started making music in his parents' house at the age of 16 on his computer with Impulse Tracker.


Solo Project[edit]

Reiter runs a successful solo project. He has appeared on many successful EP, Vinyl, and Compilation releases by record labels all over the world, including Aleph Zero, Platipus music, Digital Structures, and Mule Musique. Reiter released his first solo album titled Places I miss that I haven’t been to[5] through Aleph Zero Records, some of the tracks in this album became hits and even got a remix from J.viewz[6] Reiter's musical range is wide and cross genre, he even got the opportunity to remix Balkan Beat Box song Look Them Act with Ori Rousso.[7] Nowadays Reiter working on his second studio album, where he collaborates with leading musicians from all around the world.

Collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert[edit]

Reiter's most recent project is a collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert from minilogue. After working together for a while they released the album Reflection of Nothingness.[8] They are working together on their next studio album.[9]


  • Reiter's leading project is the Electronic music band LOUD, together with Record Producer & Sound Engineer Kobi Toledano they have been producing original electronic music since 2006, blending old school roots with cutting-edge fresh new psychedelic sounds.[10][11] They currently have 4 studio albums together and they are working on the 5th studio album which is going to be released in Nano Records.[12]

Collaboration with A. Balter[edit]

  • This collaboration between Reiter and A. Balter happened in a land where Psy-trance reigns supreme and at a timing which the Psychedelic scene was boiling hot. They created something different, something unique with different texture, bringing the Techno scene and the Minimal music to the Israeli consciousness. Both have managed to produce together super fresh sounds that build on fine tune elements from an array of difference genres. They signed almost immediately in the known label Digital Structures and released together massive hits that landed directly on the dance-floors all around the globe.[13]


  • Reiter had a recording studio near his home town where he was producing his own music, Reiter had so share his studio time and it was shared with Nadav Katz which is a very talented Audio mastering and Audio engineer which was a part of mixing first 3 albums by LOUD. It was just a matter of time until both of them will produce together and then Unoccupied formed and they released Everyday Life album. Unoccupied paints a vivid picture of daily reality and combines the electronic and the acoustic, downtempo electronica and soft rock, ambient pop and alternative music, and is called "captivating music for everyday life".[14]

Mixing/Sound Production/Engineering[edit]

Reiter has produced for a large number of musicians.

Eitan Reiter Productions
Artist Name Type of Production
Shulman Composition, Mixing, Production & Sound Design
Shayman[15] Sound Design, Co-Writing & Co-Arranging and Mixing
Mystic Production & Mixing
Empirikal[16] Production and Sound Engineer
Mr. What? Mixing & Co-arrangement
Gabi 2B Sound Production, Arrangement & Writing
Ori Rousso & Matan Spense Mixing
Nadav Dagon aka 2013 Sound Design, Co-Writing & Co-Arranging and Mixing

Beside producing for musicians Reiter also created music for commercials, movies and applications. His music performed in several commercials like Castro, Gindi Holdings & Hamat, as well as mobile application infomercials like Any.do and Chegg. Reiter also produced music for a short Israeli documentary film called Sea Sick,[17] a short animation movie by Liat Koren [18] and his massive hit Ups & Downs which has been re-edited by Perfect Stranger has been featured in Artificial Paradises a Brazilian drama movie.[19]


Eitan Reiter Logo

Studio albums[edit]

Collaboration Albums[edit]


  • Eitan Retier – Ups & Downs
  • Eitan Reiter & Perfect Stranger – Lizzard
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – iRich
  • Eitan Reiter – Smile Dance Remixes
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – Vuvuzela
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – Komodo Dragon
  • Eitan Reiter – Smile
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – Happy Fat Kids
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – Second Chance
  • Eitan Reiter & Perfect Stranger – The Bite
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – EOE
  • Eitan Reiter & A. Balter – Ups & Downs Remixes
  • Eitan Reiter & Ido Ophit – Pipeline Music

Production Equipment[edit]

Product Type Product Name
Computer MacBook Pro i7
Studio monitors ATC 100
Yamaha NS-10
Synthesizers Korg MS-10
Roland SH 101
Roland TB 303
Roland JUNO 6
Arturia MikroBrute
Novation Bass Station II
Controllers 2 X LIVID CTRLR
Effects Moog Delay MF 104
Moog Filter MF 101
Moog Phaser MF 103
Moog Freqbox MF 107
Electro Harmonics
Holy Grail
Microphone Neumann TLM 103


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