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Embassy of Canada to Ukraine
Embassy of Canada and Australia in Kiev, Ukraine.jpg
Coordinates 50°27′10″N 30°31′27″E / 50.4527°N 30.5243°E / 50.4527; 30.5243Coordinates: 50°27′10″N 30°31′27″E / 50.4527°N 30.5243°E / 50.4527; 30.5243
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Address 13A Kostelna Street
Ambassador Roman Waschuk
Website Official website

The Embassy of Canada to Ukraine in Kyiv (English: Kiev) is the diplomatic mission of Canada to Ukraine.


Canada was the first western nation to recognize Ukraine's independence on December 2, 1991. The existence of a large Ukrainian-Canadian community has led to continued close relations between the two nations. The Embassy of Canada to Ukraine was established on May 3, 1992. The Consulate of Canada in Lviv provides services to western Ukraine.[1]

The Canadian embassy in Kyiv provides essential services to both Canadians and Ukrainians. Canadian citizens can contact the Canadian embassy if they are in need of medical assistance, notarial services, legal services, passport services or citizenship applications, registration of Canadians residing in Ukraine, information about local regulations, emergency services, financial assistance, money transfers, marriage, divorce and death certificates, assistance for arrested or detained Canadians, information on the whereabouts and well-being of Canadians in Ukraine, and information about child abduction and custody.

Demonstrations in 2014[edit]

The Canadian embassy in Kyiv was attacked amid violent protests in the country,[2] when a group armed with sticks attacked the embassy. The embassy had been sheltering hundreds of protesters. The unidentified persons that were part of the group started crushing property. They also tried to inflict bodily harm on embassy staff.

These demonstrations disrupted transportation and blocked major intersections, including those in close proximity to the Embassy of Canada in Kyiv. There were multiple incidents of violence associated with these protests, which resulted in injuries and fatalities, including in areas adjacent to popular tourist sites and commercial centers.[3]

The events in Kyiv shook the city, rattled by months of unrest. A decision to close the embassy came after authorities stormed a camp of activists, triggering fiery clashes that killed at least 26 people.[4][5]

The Embassy of Canada in Kyiv closed for security reasons, according to a recorded message on the embassy’s phone lines. The message said that embassy staff continued to provide consular services, and asked Canadians in the country to contact the department if in need of help.[6]

The Canadian government decided to partially evacuate the Canadian embassy in Kyiv. A diplomat from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that all embassy staffers whose presence was not necessitated by the developments, as well as members of their families, had been asked to leave Kyiv for a while.[7]

The embassy also moved from Yaroslaviv Val to Kostelna Street

Canada's Ambassadors[edit]

  • Nestor Gayowsky — Consul General (1990 - January 1992)[8]
  • Nestor Gayowsky — Chargé d'Affairs (January - September 1992)
  • François A. Mathys — Ambassador (September 1992 - August 1995)
  • Christopher Westdal — Ambassador (January 1996 - August 1998)
  • Derek Fraser — Ambassador (September 1998 - August 2001)
  • Andrew Robinson — Ambassador (August 2001 - August 2005)
  • Abaina M. Dann — Ambassador (September 2005 - August 2008)
  • G. Daniel Caron — Ambassador (August 2008 - October 2011)
  • Troy Lulashnyk — Ambassador (November 2011 - 2014)[9]
  • Roman Waschuk — Ambassador (2014 - present)

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