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Countries that house a Canadian High Commission or Embassy, Canada is shown in blue, Canada is green

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Canada. Canada has an extensive diplomatic network, maintained by Global Affairs Canada. As a Commonwealth country, Canada's diplomatic missions in the capitals of other commonwealth countries are referred to as High Commissions (as opposed to embassies). Canada has diplomatic and consular offices (including honorary consuls - not included in this list) in over 270 locations in approximately 180 foreign countries.

Under the terms of the Canada–Australia Consular Services Sharing Agreement, the two countries provide consular services to each other's citizens at a number of locations around the world. At this time, there are 19 locations where Canadian offices provide consular services to Australians, and 21 other cities where Canadians can obtain consular services from Australian offices. In an emergency, Canadians can also seek assistance from British offices around the world if there is no resident Canadian office.

The province of Quebec has its own Ministry of International Relations (French: Ministère des Relations internationales) and a network of several representative officers "to promote and defend Québec's interests internationally while ensuring respect for its authority and the consistency of government activities", including 12 delegations, 10 bureaus and 4 trade offices.[1] Some consider the scope and size of its network of offices to be part of a larger effort by the government of Quebec to convince foreign nations to accept sovereignty as Quebec's destiny.[2] Other provinces, such as Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, also maintain offices abroad.[3]


Embassy of Canada in Athens
Embassy of Canada in Beijing
Embassy of Canada in Copenhagen
Embassy of Canada in Lima
Embassy of Canada in The Hague
Embassy of Canada in Kyiv
High Commission of Canada in Maputo
High Commission of Canada in New Delhi
Embassy of Canada in Seoul
Embassy of Canada in Stockholm
Embassy of Canada in Tokyo
Embassy of Canada in Warsaw





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