Emblem of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia

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Fresco in the church St. George in Lazarovci. This detail is taken as a basis for the emblem.

The emblem of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia is the official and the only emblem that is used by the Army of the Republic of Macedonia.


The emblem is made of stylized sunflower with 12 golden leaves. In the centre of the sunflower is one red oval disk, where is written the abbreviation "АРМ" ("ARM") which stand for Армија на Република Македонија (Army of the Republic of Macedonia). The letters are always in white. Usually the hats, which are part of the uniform, bear the emblem and its diameter is 40 mm. The emblem is the same for all members of the Army, except for the generals. Generals' emblems are always surrounded by green laurel branches.

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