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Saint Emebert
Bishop of Cambrai
Born7th century
Pagus of Brabant, Frankish Empire
Cambrai, Frankish Empire
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church in
Arras, Cambrai and Ghent.
Major shrineMaubeuge Abbey
Feast15 January

Saint Emebert was an early Bishop of Cambrai, often identified with Bishop Ablebert of Cambrai (early 8th century). He would have been the son of Duke Witger of Lotharingia and Saint Amalberga of Maubeuge. His siblings include four other saints, Ermelinde, Gudula, Pharaildis and the martyred Reineldis, beheaded during an invasion by the Huns.

According to the Gesta Episcoporum Cameracensis (Acts of the Bishops of Cambrai), he was buried in a place called Ham, located in the vicinity of Cambrai. His body was afterwards taken to Maubeuge Abbey, where his mother had become a nun.

His feast day is celebrated on the 15 January at Arras, Cambrai and Ghent.


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