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Emily Brooke (born November 1985) is a British inventor, industrial designer and entrepreneur known for having developed the Beryl (formerly Blaze) Laserlights used for Santander Cycles (the London bike rental scheme).[1][citation needed]

Emily Brooke
Years active2011–present
Known forBeryl Laserlights

Beryl Laserlights[edit]

She developed the laser as part of a project in her final year at the University of Brighton and was entered into an entrepreneurship programme in Boston (funded by Santander). After graduating in 2011 she developed the project further by listing the concept on Kickstarter, gaining attention from Transport for London as well as securing funding from the family of Richard Branson.[2] Her firm, Blaze, was then successful in securing support from Santander who now use the lights on all of the bikes within the Santander Cycles scheme.[3] In May 2018, following a lawsuit from a US registered company also with the name Blaze, Brooke changed her company name to Beryl.[4]


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