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Depiction of two kings, Charles the Simple and Emma’s husband, who is enthroned

Emma of France (died November 2, 934) was a French princess by birth and queen by marriage. She was the daughter of Robert I of France and either Aelis of Maine[1] or Béatrice of Vermandois. Her family is known as the Robertians.

In c. 921 she married Duke Rudolph of Burgundy.[2] Her spouse was crowned king of Western Francia on 13 July 923 at Saint-Médard de Soissons, thereby making her queen. Emma was the first Frankish queen who is known to have been crowned: she was crowned in Reims, by the bishop of Reims called Séulf, the same year but a little later than her spouse, a fact mentioned in contemporary chronicles.

It seems Emma bore only one child, a son named Louis.[3][4] There is a possibility that Emma also had a daughter, and she was maybe called Judith.[5]


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Preceded by
Béatrice of Vermandois
Queen of Western Francia
Succeeded by
Gerberga of Saxony