Emperor Mozhu of Western Xia

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Emperor Mozhu ("last ruler") or Emperor Modi ("last emperor"), born Li Xian 李晛, was the 10th and last emperor of the Western Xia (reigned from 1226–1227). His rule saw the destruction of the Western Xia as the Mongol forces under Genghis Khan overran and conquered it following the defiance and rebellion of earlier emperors.

Faced with the threat of the Mongols, Mozhu and his officials rallied around the capital Zhongxing, trying to use its large walls to hold off the Mongol cavalries. However, Zhongxing suffered from a massive earthquake, which resulted in pestilence and food shortage. In 1227, Mozhu finally surrendered to the Mongol Empire, but the Mongols killed him and his entire family out of fear that the Western Xia would rebel against Mongol Empire. His death marked the end of the Western Xia dynasty.

The Mongols gave the last ruler of the Western Xia the name Shidurghu ᠱᠢᠳᠤᠷᠭᠤ meaning "simple, right, just", and in 18th century European sources he is referred to as Schidascou or Shidaskû from his Mongolian name.