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Empress Han
Empress of the Southern Song Dynasty
Tenure 24 July 1194 – 21 December 1200
Predecessor Empress Cixian
Successor Empress Gongsheng
Born 1165
Died 21 December 1200 (aged c. 35)
Burial Yongmaoling (永茂陵), Shaoxing, Hangzhou
Spouse Emperor Ningzong of Song
Issue Two children (died young)
Posthumous name
Empress Gongshu
Clan Han

Empress Han (1165 – 21 December 1200) was an empress consort of Emperor Ningzong during the Song Dynasty.


Han was born in modern-day Henan,[1] the descendant of a prominent Northern Song official. She became a concubine of Ningzong along with her older sister.[2] She was selected as the primary consort of Ningzong, and appointed his empress after his succession. Empress Han and her family managed to attain influence over the affairs of state, backed by the so called 'War party', succeed in persuading Ningzong to depose and disgrace senior minister Zhao Ruyu and replaced him with her militarist relative, Han Tuozhou. [3]



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Preceded by
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