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Engineers Without Borders Ireland is an international development organisation for students and professionals from Ireland who share a common interest in sustainable development through engineering and appropriate technologies.


The organisation was initially founded in 2007, and partook in a 2-week project in the Sonairte: The National Ecology Centre in Co. Meath, Ireland. After a lull in activities, a small group of engineers began discussions on reviving EWB-Ireland in 2009. These discussions led to the formation of EWB-Ireland's first ever national committee in January 2010. The committee is a small group of committed engineers from numerous disciplines, located throughout the country.[1]


The aims of EWB-Ireland are as follows:[2]

  • Promote awareness of issues surrounding sustainable development and the role technology can play in reducing poverty and creating sustainable communities.
  • Assist communities in developing countries through engineering.
  • Facilitate research into engineering solutions for sustainable development.
  • Provide a resource of knowledge and experience for sustainable engineering.
  • Inspire the next generation of development professionals.
  • Assist in the creation and development of branches throughout the country.
  • Create a network between academia, industry, NGOs and engineering institutions.
  • Organise training workshops and discussion evenings which focus on sustainable development and disaster relief.
  • Create a web resource for people interested in engineering for sustainable development.
  • Work with universities to create development based research projects at undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Currently, EWB-Ireland has branches in University College Dublin and Queens University Belfast.[3]

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