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Erdos CTL (sometimes also referred as Shenhua CTL) is a coal liquefaction plant at Ejin Horo Banner in Inner Mongolia, China. It is the biggest coal-to-liquids complex outside South Africa with a capacity of 20,000 barrels per day (3,200 m3/d).[1]

The plant is owned by Shenhua Coal Liquefaction, a subsidiary of Shenhua Group. It uses direct coal liquefaction technology developed by Shenhua Group.[2][3] In the first phase, three production lines were installed.[4] The coal liquefaction reactor was manufactured by China First Heavy Industries.[5] Dedicated steel belt cooling systems for a coal slurry solidification were supplied by Sandvik Process Systems.[6] [7]

Construction of the plant started in 2004 and it was commissioned in 2008.[1][8] Trial operation started in mid-2009.[9] Since November 2010, its fully operational.[10]

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