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Ethan Roberts is one of the lead characters in the Guardians of Time series by Marianne Curley.

Character history[edit]

In The Named, Ethan narrates the adventures with Isabel Becket, friend and fellow member of The Guard. Throughout the books Ethan is sixteen and seventeen years old, presumably, based on Isabel's aging. As one of the main characters, Ethan Roberts' personality and past is detailed. At four years old Ethan witnessed his ten-year-old sister, Sera, murdered, as revenge by Marduke, the former guard whom his father disfigured. Following this, his father, Shaun, who was meant to train him, left the Guard. Arkarian took on the responsibility of Ethan as his apprentice, diverting Ethan's young brain from insanity.

At age 16, he receives an apprentice, Isabel, who is the younger sister of an ex-friend Matt, Isabel has had a crush on Ethan for a long time and when they go on their first mission together they share a kiss in John of Gaunts bedroom Isabel is convinced there is something more than friendship there. When Isabel is killed by Marduke on their second mission, her soulmate needs to travel to the middle world to save her, Ethan believes it is him, but is proven wrong when he fails to save her and Arkarian saves her instead. Before The Named takes place, Matt begins to date Rochelle, who is secretly a member of The Order, which puts stress on Matt and Ethan's friendship. When she and Matt start dating, Ethan accepts that his friendship is more important than Rochelle, but it's too late and the competition between them drives them apart.

An intelligent student, Ethan enjoys his missions. He often must go under cover and must use powers to the best of his ability to ensure that the future remains the same. Ethan plays a key role in The Guard's success, although his personal life and stressful family situation affects his work often. At the end of The Key, he and Rochelle finally get together, but Marduke takes his final revenge, ending their love.


Birth Powers[edit]

  1. Animation
  2. Illusion
  3. Trusting Instinct and the Prophecy

Given Powers[edit]


Ethan is given a Bow and Arrows, which, when combined with his powers of animation, can hit any target at will.