Ethel (XM)

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Ethel, channel 47 on XM Satellite Radio.
Broadcast area off-air
Branding Ethel
Slogan "A.K." Alternative Gems
Frequency XM 47
First air date 2001
Format Alternative rock
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner XM Satellite Radio

Ethel was a Commercial-Free Modern rock/alternative channel on XM Satellite Radio. It is the daughter channel of Fred (ch 44), which covers alternative music from its birth through the early 1990s; and the sister channel of Lucy (ch 54), which plays only the most popular alternative hits from the 80s through 90s and Modern Rock hits. Ethel plays the latest alternative music, today's top alternative hits, Modern Rock Hits and recent hits. Some Ethel promos say "We pick up where Fred left off."

Ethel originated as a DJ-free and Uncensored channel, but has since lost its "xL" Explicit Language rating, and is now hosted by a DJ every now and then. The channel was originally programmed by legendary-alternative programmer Rick Lambert [1] and former Stabbing Westward keyboardist, Walter Flakus. In April 2006, Steve Kingston (former Z100 and WXRK PD) began programming Ethel in an attempt to move the channel in a more FM minded direction.

Ethel was located on channel 47 on XM Satellite Radio and channel 834 on DirecTV.

As of November 12, 2008, the channel has been dropped and replaced by the Sirius channel Alt Nation as a result of the Sirius XM Merger. The last song was So Sad to Say by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

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