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Eudoxia (Greek: Ευδοξία, Eudoxía), Eudokia and Eudocia (Ευδοκία, Eudokía) or Evdokia is a feminine given name, which originally meant "good deeds" in Greek. The Slavic languages know a few forms of the name - East Slavic: Евдокия, Evdokiya; Russian: Євдокія, Yevdokiya. It was mainly popular in late antiquity and during the Middle Ages, particularly in Eastern Europe. It continues in use today, usually in honor of various saints.

For Russians named Avdotia look there.

Eudoxia, Eudokia and Eudocia[edit]

The names Eudoxia, Eudokia, and Eudocia are interchangeable in most cases for the Wikipedia search engine.
List in alphabetical order, disregarding use of "c", "k" and "x" where irrelevant for Wikipedia search engine.

  • Eudoxia of Heliopolis (d. 120), early Christian saint and martyr
  • Saint Eudocia: see below under Aelia Eudocia
Byzantine royals
Non-Byzantine royals


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