Eugen Aburel

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Eugène Aburel Bogdan
Born 23 January 1899
Galați, Romania
Died 16 December 1975
Citizenship Romania
Nationality Romania
Fields surgery, gynaecology
Institutions Faculty of Medicine of Iași
Faculty of Medicine of Bucharest
Alma mater Faculty of Medicine of Iași
Known for first to employ lumbar plexus block and caudal epidural analgesia during childbirth

Eugène Aburel Bogdan (born January 23, 1899, Galaţi–died 16 December 1975, Bucharest) was a Romanian surgeon and obstetrician. He introduced innovative techniques in gynecologic surgery.[1] In 1931, Aburel was the first to describe blocking the lumbar plexus during early labor, followed by a caudal epidural injection for the expulsion phase.[2][3]


  • Contribuție la tratamentul infecției puerperale (1923)
  • Abces apendicular la stînga (1927)
  • L'Anesthésie locale continue prolongée en obstétrique (1931)
  • Considerații asupra durerii în obstetrică (1932)
  • Recherches sur les glandes endocrines pendent la vie intrautérine chez l'homme (collaborator, 1939)
  • Ginecologia (coordinator, 1959)
  • Obstetrică și ginecologie (coordinator, 1971)
  • La tuberculose génitale de la femme (collaborator, 1971)

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