Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of St. Gallen

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The Church of St. Laurence in St. Gallen.

The Evangelical-Reformed Church of the Canton of St. Gallen is a Reformed state cantonal church in the canton of St. Gallen. The church was founded in 1803. It has in 2004 122,500 members and 55 congregations served by 120 pastors.[1] Congregations are in St. Gallen, Goldach, Rorschach, Gossau, Gaiserwald, Thal-Lutzenberg, Rheineck, St. Marghrete, Balbach, Marbach, Rebstein, Altstatten, Salez-Haag, Uznach, Sevelen, Eichberg, Sax-Frümsen, Wil, Krinau, Flavil and others in St. gallen. The Church has links with the Evangelical Church in Liechtenstein.[2]

The headquarters of the church are in St Gallen, Toggenburg and Rheintal The church has Presbyterian-Synodal church government.[3]

Member of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches.[4][5]

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