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Government of Catalonia
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Government overview
Formed1359 (first inception)
1931 (established by the Second Spanish Republic)
1977 (reestablished from exile)
Dissolved11 September 1714 (Nueva Planta Decrees)
5 February 1939 (Francoist occupation during Spanish Civil War)
Minister responsible
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The Executive Council of Catalonia (Catalan: Consell Executiu) or the Government of Catalonia (Catalan: Govern de Catalunya) is the executive branch of the Generalitat of Catalonia. It is responsible for the political action, regulation, and administration of the government of the autonomous region.[1]

The President of the Generalitat is the head of government: he or she may also appoint a First Minister (Catalan: Conseller(a) primer(a)) to serve as their deputy, although since 2006 the office has been replaced by that of the Vice-President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, who must be approved by the Parliament of Catalonia. The various ministers (Catalan: consellers) are also appointed by the President of the Generalitat. Ministers need not be deputies in the parliament, as they have an automatic right to intervene in parliamentary debates.

Serving members of the government may not be arrested for any acts committed in Catalonia, except in flagrante delicto, and may only be judged before the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, or the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Spain outside of Catalonia.[2]

The Parliament of Catalonia unilaterally issued a declaration of independence from Spain on 27 October 2017 in favour of a Catalan Republic. In response Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy dissolved the Parliament of Catalonia and called a snap regional election for 21 December 2017.[3]

Current government[edit]

Portrait Name Office Took office Party Refs
Official photo of Quim Torra (cropped).jpg Quim Torra President 15 May 2018 Independent [4]
Pere Aragonès retrat oficial 2018.jpg Pere Aragonès Vice President

Minister of Economy and Finance

29 May 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]
Meritxell Budó retrat oficial 2019.jpg Meritxell Budó Minister of the Presidency

Spokesperson of the Government

24 March 2019 Independent [5]
Josep Bargalló retrat oficial 2018.jpg Josep Bargalló Minister of Education 29 May 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]
Mariàngela Vilallonga retrat oficial 2019.jpg Mariàngela Vilallonga Minister of Culture 24 March 2019 Independent [5]
Miquel Buch retrat oficial 2018.jpg Miquel Buch Minister of the Interior 29 May 2018 Catalan European Democratic Party [5]
Damià Calvet retrat oficial 2018.jpg Damià Calvet Minister of Territory and Sustainability 29 May 2018 Catalan European Democratic Party [5]
Ester Capella retrat oficial 2018.jpg Ester Capella Minister of Justice 29 May 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]
Maria Àngels Chacón retrat oficial 2018.jpg Maria Àngels Chacón Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge 29 May 2018 Catalan European Democratic Party [5]
Chakir El Homrani retrat oficial 2018.jpg Chakir El Homrani Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family 29 May 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]
Teresa Jordà retrat oficial 2018.jpg Teresa Jordà Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food 29 May 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]
Alfred Bosch retrat oficial 2018.jpg Alfred Bosch Minister of Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency 22 November 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]
Jordi Puigneró retrat oficial 2018.jpg Jordi Puigneró Minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration 29 May 2018 Catalan European Democratic Party [5]
Alba Vergés retrat oficial 2018.jpg Alba Vergés Minister of Health 29 May 2018 Republican Left of Catalonia [5]

Previous governments[edit]

Former ministries[edit]

There have also been two ministers without portfolio in Catalan governments:


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