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Bochum Total 2015 Exilia 03.jpg
Exilia at Bochum Total 2015
Background information
Origin Milan, Italy
Genres Nu metal[1]
Years active 1998–Present
Labels ZYX Records
Website http://www.exiliamusic.com
Members Masha Mysmane (Vocals)
Carlo Chiarenza (Guitar)
Marco Privacy (Bass)
Mark Campailla (Drums)

Exilia is a nu metal band from Milan, Italy that formed in 1998.


Start, Unleashed (1998-2002)[edit]

Exilia formed in 1998 in Milan (Italy), when Masha met the guitarist Elio Alien.[citation needed]

In 2000, after nearly two years spent playing in clubs and open air, Exilia released their debut album "Rightside Up". The album was distributed by Universal in Italy and Pangg in Germany. The release of the album was followed by appearances on Music TV programs and more than 120 concerts a year in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.[citation needed]

In October 2001, they played several gigs in Germany & the Netherlands as a supporting act of Mambo Kurt.[citation needed]

In August 2002, they won the “MTV New Comers Award” at the Gun Records Birthday Bash in Koln, Germany.[citation needed] Headliners at the Bash were H-Blockx, Skin-Dredd, Paradise Lost, and Guano Apes.

On Tour, Can't Break Me Down (2003-2006)[edit]

In May 2003, they took part as special guests in some Festivals and Open Air (such as: "Taubertal Festival", "Forestglade Festival”, "MTV Campus Invasion”) playing with bands such as HIM, Within Temptation, Therapy?, Rollins' band, Underwater Circle, Cardigans, SEEED, and Guano Apes.[citation needed] After the publication of their EP "Underdog", in September 2003 (GUN Records; distributed by BMG in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and by Audioglobe in Italy), they got good reviews from the specialized magazines in Germany (Rock Hard 8/10, M. Hammer 5/7, etc.) and Italy (M. Hammer 6/7, Rock Sound 7/10, Metal Shock 7/10, Flash 75/100).[citation needed]

In October 2003, EXILIA undertook a tour with the German band In Extremo, and they subsequently took part in the Paradise Lost Italian tour.[citation needed]

In March 2004, they appeared on the double CD compilation "Crossing all over Vol.17" together with bands such as: Placebo, Machine Head, Radiohead, Coldplay, HIM, Nickelback, Oomph, POD, Sepultura, Turbonegro, and Clawfinger, which entered in charts in Germany and Austria.[citation needed]

In April 2004, they made their first video-clip, "Stop Playing God", in Koln (D) with director Ercin Filizli's supervision and with the support of the Action-Concept (film and stunt production) broadcast on VIVA, VIVA+ and Onyx TV in Germany.[citation needed]

In May 2004, they released the full-length CD “Unleashed” that entered in the German chart at #38.[citation needed] After the publication of the album (Gun Records/BMG), the band went on tour as a supporting act for Ill Nino, Die Ärzte, and P!NK.[citation needed]

In August 2004, the new single “Coincidence”, from Unleashed album, entered in the charts at #34 with a live video.[citation needed]

In November and December 2004, they supported Rammstein on their European Tour 2004.[citation needed] The tour took place in huge venues with a five-figure capacities.[citation needed] The Rammstein musicians declared that they preferred the Milanese to a considerable number of mostly top-class competitors.[citation needed]

In March 2005, the single “Can’t break me down” came out with a new video.[citation needed] This song was also the soundtrack of the movie “The Clown“ and broadcast in 40 countries all over the world.[citation needed]

On April 4, 2005, there was a Special Premium new pressing of the album “Unleashed”, containing new tracks, “Wake Me”, and the single “Can’t Break Me Down”.[citation needed] The exclusive bonus DVD gave some clips for the singles, “Can’t Break Me Down”, “Coincidence”, and “Stop Playing God”.[citation needed] This special DVD included a previously unseen look into their show at Bochum TOTAL!; a behind-the-scenes account of the shooting of the “Can’t Break Me Down” music video is hosted by Masha & Co. themselves.[citation needed]

In the winter of 2006, the band went into an old cotton gin that was converted into a studio in Germany to begin writing the follow up to "Unleashed".[citation needed] The band took a short break in March 2006 to travel to Texas to perform at all three of CaptivaMusicGroups SXSW showcases in Austin.[citation needed] Exilia’s performance and interview was filmed by the True Music Crew and was aired nationally in the USA starting on May 6.[citation needed]

Nobody Excluded (2006-2008)[edit]

On July 21, 2006, the new album “Nobody Excluded” was released in Europe.[citation needed]

On October 27, 2006, the single “Your Rain” was released and became soundtrack for the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.[citation needed]

In January 2007, the Nobody Excluded started and brought the band all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria for 30 shows.[citation needed] In July–August 2007, they played in some of the major festivals all over Europe.[citation needed]

In September 2007, partnership and support came to Exilia from the UK Imortal group of companies. In October 2007, they released one of their extreme sports DVD’s featuring music by Exilia.[citation needed] "Starseed", "Coincidence", "Day in Hell", and "Stop Playing God" were amongst the tracks used on this motorcycle stunt riding DVD.[citation needed]

In November 2007, Exilia began their European tour, covering Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.[citation needed]

In December 2007, the pre-production of Exilia’s new album began and was scheduled for release by the summer time of 2008.[citation needed]

In February 2008, the collaboration with a large Italian rock magazine Metal Maniacs kept Masha busy and very popular amongst Italian rock fans and followers.[citation needed] Further involvement and partnership with Morena of ‘Macbeth’ initiated a TV project named ‘Lady-Killers’, which was being broadcast weekly on Rock Television (Italy).[citation needed]

My Own Army (2008-2009)[edit]

In May–June 2008, the real recordings of the new album at Principal studios started.[citation needed] The album was produced by Dave Chavarri (of ill Nino & Sepultura) and Masha Mysmane.[citation needed] In October 2008, the album was mixed at Temple studios in L.A. by Jeremy Blair (of Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, and Guns and Roses) and Jeff Hannanh (Black Light Burns).[citation needed] In November 2008, the record was mastered at Sterling sound in N.Y. by UE Nastasi (Walls of Jericho-Pantera), and the band revealed the new album entitled “My Own Army”, whose first single was “Are You Breathing?”[citation needed]

On December 17, 2008, the new video for “Are You Breathing?” was shot by the director Tobias Dannappel in Germany.[citation needed]

On February 20, 2009, "My Own Army" was released all over Europe.[citation needed] On April 20, 2009, "My Own Army" was released in USA through Koch Records.[citation needed]

In February 2009, a European tour started with thirty-five gigs together with the American bands Ill Nino and God Forbid; the tour touched Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and the UK, where the band played for the first time at the ACADEMY clubs.[citation needed]

In June 2009, Peavey (the American guitar amp company) decided to promote Exilia by making them an endorser; Peavey gave Alien brand new equipment for his guitar sound.[citation needed]

On September 21, 2009, the single and video “In The Air Tonight” was released.[citation needed]

The second part of the “My Own Army” tour kept the band on the road from the end of October 2009, hitting the main cities in Europe between November and December.[citation needed]

Naked (2010)[edit]

In January 2010, as soon as Exilia got off the road, they went straight into the studio to prepare for an upcoming limited edition CD “NAKED”.[citation needed] The new release included unplugged versions of their hits like “Stop Playing God”, “Coincidence”, and “Starseed”, a brand new, fully produced song called “No Tears For You”, and some unedited bonus material.[citation needed] All the copies were autographed by the band, and this special work went to stores at the end of April 2010.[citation needed]

“No Tears For you” became a new Exilia single, and it was mixed at White Studios in Berlin by Clemens Matznick (of Guano Apes & Within Temptation).[citation needed]

In March 2010, Exilia received an invitation to attend the SXSW festival in downtown Austin, TX.[citation needed]

On May 28, 2010, “Naked” was released all over Europe.[citation needed] The European Phoenix Fall Tour started on October 1, 2010 in Milan.[citation needed] The band toured Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK and Italy up through December 2010.

Decode (2011-2012)[edit]

Exilia went back to Principal Studios in Germany to record their fifth album "Decode".[citation needed] This album was to contain twelve tracks.

In February[when?], the band revealed the new album cover of "Decode", which invited all the Exilia's fans to reflect on the cover's meaning.

Exilia's record "Decode" was to be released in March 2012 on ZYX Music.[citation needed] Stephan "Gudze" Hinz (bass player of the great crossover band H-Blockx) featured on "Over The Edge", and Dave Pensado mixed "Satellite", which was to be the opening track.[citation needed]

In January 2012, Exilia shot a video for the first single, "Over The Edge", directed by Oliver Sommer from Ava Studios.[citation needed] The concept behind the video was inspired by a weird surreal short tale from Roald Dahl.[citation needed] On March 4, 2012, this first single was taken as soundtrack of the European Wrestling competition EWP.[citation needed]

On March 30, 2012, the album "Decode" was released and brought the band on a live tour all over Europe with some live dates as a special guest for Megaherz and Hed P.E..[citation needed]

In November 2012, the band presented the new video of their second single "Satellite", mixed by Dave Pensado.[citation needed] "Satellite" was a protest song that described the uselessness of bombs, warfare deforestation and compares how thousands can die from starvation and poverty when billions are spent creating bombs, oil plants, and nuclear power plants, which were destroying our ecosystem, world oceans and animals.[citation needed] It also linked to globalization, pollution and cruelty to animals, especially commercial whaling.[citation needed]

In January 2013, Reebok choose the song "Unconventional", included in Exilia's fifth album "Decode", to be the soundtrack of Reebok's Crossfit winter event by creating a promo video for the web and TV.[citation needed]

Otep and Drowning Pool Tour (2013-2014)[edit]

In March 2013, the band flew to the USA to promote their record "Decode" in a tour from San Francisco and Los Angeles, performing at the famous "Whisky a Go Go" club; they participated at the SXSW in Austin, TX, playing at the Rooftop Club for two consecutive days.[citation needed] They also played as a supporting act of Otep in some of their shows of their "Seduce and Destroy" tour 2013.

Between May and July 2013, Exilia supported Drowning Pool in their "Resilience Tour", touring almost two months through the East Coast.[citation needed]

The band was actually working on the pre-production of a new record that was to be released in February 2014.[citation needed] "Closer" was the first known track of this new project.[citation needed]

Purity (2015)[edit]

Exilia announced that their new album "Purity" will be released in April 2015.



  • Rightside Up (2000)
  • Unleashed (May 24, 2004)
  • Nobody Excluded (July 2006)
  • My Own Army (February 2009)
  • Decode (March 30, 2012)
  • Purity (September 25, 2015)


  • Underdog EP (September 22, 2003)
  • Stop Playing God (April 22, 2004)
  • Coincidence (November 29, 2004)
  • Can't Break Me Down (March 21, 2005)
  • Your Rain (2006)
  • Naked (May 2010)


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