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Expozine poster.jpg
GenreAlternative Press
Location(s)Montreal, Quebec
Organized byArcmtl

Expozine is an annual small press, zine[1] and comics[2] fair in Montreal, Quebec. It is reported to be Canada's largest zine fair[3] and one the largest small press fairs in North America attracting some 270 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors each autumn.[4][5]

The first Expozine took place in 2002[6][7] and has continued to showcase independent publishing from around the world every subsequent year.

Expozine has showcased work from notable small press writers and publishers such as Invisible Books,[8] Broken Pencil, Maisonneuve,[9] New Escapologist,[10][11] Kate Beaton,[12] and Drawn and Quarterly.[13] It was co-founded by Billy Mavreas[14] and Louis Rastelli.[15]

Expozine Alternative Press Awards[edit]

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards recognize the best of the publications available at a given year's Expozine fair. It awards to publications in the categories of book, zine, and comic, in Canada's two official languages of English and French. The awards are granted at an annual gala separate to the main Expozine event.


Expozine has an all-year-round companion project in the form of distroboto: a citywide network of cigarette machines repurposed to dispense small press publications.[16]

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