Men's FIH Hockey World League

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Men's FIH Hockey World League
Most recent season or competition:
2016-17 Men's FIH Hockey World League
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SportField hockey
Replaced byMen's FIH Pro League & Hockey Series
No. of teams65 in 2016-17
 Australia (2nd title)
Most titles Australia (2 titles)
Official websiteWorld League Info

The Men's FIH Hockey World League was an international field hockey competition organised by the International Hockey Federation. The league also served as a qualifier for the 2014 and 2018 Men's Hockey World Cups and the 2016 Olympic Games. [1] Three seasons were held in 2012–13, 2014–15 and 2016-17. It was replaced by the new Men's FIH Pro League and Hockey Series in 2018-19.


The tournament featured four rounds. For each edition the FIH decides the amount of events and teams for each round. The number of Round 1 events varied in each cycle depending on the number of participating national teams. Teams were grouped regionally, although European teams were split in several tournaments. The remaining rounds have teams selected with no regional restrictions. The top teams received a bye to a Round 2 or Semifinal event depending on the FIH World Rankings at the time of seeking entries, number which also varied depending on the edition.[2]

Year Teams Round 1 Round 2 Semifinals Final
2012–13[3] 54 9 events of 3 to 5 teams 4 events of 6 teams 2 events of 8 teams 1 event of 8 teams
2014–15[4] 56 9 events of 4 to 8 teams 3 events of 8 teams 2 events of 10 teams
2016–17[5] 65 8 events of 4 to 9 teams


Year Final host Final 3rd Place Match Teams
Champions Score Runners-up 3rd place Score 4th place
2012–13 New Delhi, India
New Zealand

54 / 8
2014–15 Raipur, India

(3–2 pen.)

56 / 8
2016–17 Bhubaneswar, India

65 / 8

Performance by nation[edit]

Team Titles Runners-up Third Place Fourth Place
 Australia 2 (2014–15, 2016–17) 1 (2012–13)
 Netherlands 1 (2012–13) 1 (2014–15)
 New Zealand 1 (2012–13)
 Belgium 1 (2014–15)
 Argentina 1 (2016–17)
 India 2 (2014–15*, 2016–17*)
 England 1 (2012–13)
 Germany 1 (2016–17)
* = host nation

Team appearances[edit]

Team 2012–13 2014–15 2016–17 Apps at Finals
 Argentina 8th 5th 2nd 3
 Australia 4th 1st 1st 3
 Austria 22nd 19th 25th
 Azerbaijan 31st
 Bangladesh 19th 28th 27th
 Barbados 34th
 Belarus 33rd
 Belgium 5th 2nd 5th 3
 Brazil 31st
 Canada 18th 8th 10th 1
 Chile 20th 26th 32nd
 China 23rd 20th 16th
 Czech Republic 30th 27th
 England~ 3rd 6th 8th 3
 Egypt 25th 18th 15th
 Fiji 32nd 36th
 France 16th 14th 13th
 Ghana 28th
 Germany 7th 7th 4th 3
 India 6th 3rd 3rd 3
 Ireland 14th 9th 11th
 Italy 29th 31st
 Japan 12th 16th 20th
 Malaysia 11th 12th 9th
 Mexico 35th
 Netherlands 1st 4th 7th 3
 New Zealand 2nd 11th 12th 1
 Oman 29th 23rd 23rd
 Pakistan 13th 15th 14th
 Poland 27th 17th 29th
 Portugal 33rd
 Russia 17th 21st 22nd
 Scotland 24th 19th
 Singapore 32nd
 South Africa 15th 22nd 18th
 South Korea 9th 13th 17th
 Spain 10th 10th 6th 1
 Sri Lanka 33rd
  Switzerland 25th 30th
 Trinidad and Tobago 26th 34th 26th
 Ukraine 21st 24th 35th
 United States 28th 30th 21st
 Wales 24th
* = host nation
~ = includes results representing Great Britain


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