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Fish are vertebrates with gills and without digits. Historically, the English word "fish" indicated almost any aquatic animal, as evidenced by such terms as starfish, jellyfish and the "giant fish" in Jonah and the Whale.

Fish or FISH may also refer to:

Common, related meanings[edit]

  • Fish, engage in the activity of fishing/catching fish
  • Fish as food, an important source of protein and other nutrients


Arts and entertainment[edit]




  • "Fish" (song), by Craig Campbell, 2011
  • "Fish", a song by The Damned on their 1977 album Damned Damned Damned
  • "Fish", a song by Mr. Scruff from his 1999 album Keep It Unreal
  • "Fish", a song by Bonnie Pink from her 2000 album Let Go
  • "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)", a song by Yes, on their 1971 album Fragile


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