Fairmont Heights High School

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Fairmont Heights High School
Fairmont Heights High School 006.jpg
1401 Nye Street, Fairmount Heights
Fairmount Heights, Maryland 20743
United States
Coordinates 38°54′36″N 76°55′11″W / 38.91000°N 76.91972°W / 38.91000; -76.91972Coordinates: 38°54′36″N 76°55′11″W / 38.91000°N 76.91972°W / 38.91000; -76.91972
Type Public Comprehensive Secondary School
Established 1950
School district Prince George's County Public Schools
Oversight Maryland State Department of Education
Principal Mrs. Torrie Walker
Grades 912
Enrollment 751
Color(s) Maroon, Black, Gray, White
Nickname Hornets
Newspaper The Buzz
Communities served Fairmount Heights, Seat Pleasant, Kentland, Palmer Park, Chapel Oaks, Belle Haven
Feeder schools G. James Gholson Middle School, Kenmoor Middle School
Phone (301) 925-1360

Fairmont Heights High School (est.1950) is an American public comprehensive secondary school located in Fairmount Heights, Maryland in Prince George's County just outside Washington D.C. It is part of the Prince George's County Public Schools system. Two middle schools (G. James Gholson and Kenmoor, both in Landover) feed into Fairmont Heights. It is one of the oldest[citation needed] high schools in Prince George's County and is part of the School Board District 3.


Fairmont Heights High School opened its doors back in 1950. It was the only[citation needed] school in Prince George's County at the time to serve African Americans in the area. The school was originally named after the town it is in, Fairmount Heights. The name of the school differs slightly from the name of the town, as it is missing a "u". This is because of a mistake a contractor made when constructing the sign for the town's elementary school in 1934. When the high school was created, it kept the same spelling as the elementary school.[1]

Academics and programs[edit]

Fairmont Heights High School (often abbreviated FHHS) is part of the biotechnology magnet program along with Largo High School in Largo.

Fairmont Heights High School is also part of the Information Technology magnet program along with Bladensburg High School and Potomac High School. Many students just refer to FHHS as Fairmont.

Block schedule[edit]

In 2000 Fairmont Heights, along with the other Prince George's County public high schools, adopted the "Alternating A/B Block Schedule". The A/B block allows students to take four alternating every-other-day classes all year. A-days consist of Period 1-4 and B-days consist of Period 5-8. Other schools offer periods 1, 3, 5, 7 on A-days and 2, 4, 6, 8 on B-days. All lunches take place during 3rd period.

Notable events[edit]

Communities served by Fairmont Heights[edit]

Fairmont Heights High School serves students from almost all of the city of Seat Pleasant, Chapel Oaks and all of the town of Fairmount Heights. It serves most of the town of Landover which includes part of the communities Kentland, Palmer Park, Belle Haven, and Village Green. Cargo allowed.

Feeder patterns and admissions[edit]

There is no admissions process (i.e. pre-entrance examination) for students to attend Fairmont Heights. Students must live in the designated zoned attendance area for FHHS. Certain academics have specific requirements that students need to satisfy in order to apply for that program.


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