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FalconStor Software
Traded asOTC:FALC
IndustryComputer software
Founded2000; 19 years ago (2000)
New York City, U.S.
HeadquartersAustin, Texas, USA
Key people
Todd Brooks[1]
(President and CEO)

FalconStor is a data management software company based in Austin, Texas.[2][3]


FalconStor was co-founded in 2000 in New York by Computer Associates veterans[4] ReiJane Huai[5] and Wayne Lam.[6] In 2007 the company started a joint-venture with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the Blue Whale file system.[7] The joint venture was named Tianjin Zhongke Blue Whale Information Technologies Company, located in Tianjin, China.[citation needed] FalconStor was listed at #5 in the Forbes 2008 list of 25 fastest growing technology companies.[8] In August 2009, FalconStor, in a joint-venture with Nexsan to create the co-branded DeDupe SG.[9][10] In 2011 CRN added FalconStor to their List of 25 “Need to Know: Storage Vendors”.[11]

In 2012, the company agreed to pay $5.8 US million as part as a federal investigation settlement, after it has admitted that its employees gave more than $300,000 in bribes to executives at JPMorgan Chase with restricted stock shares and golf memberships in exchange for contracts.[12] The company was further charged with falsifying its corporate books and records associated with the bribery.[13]

On September 25, 2017, FalconStor was delisted from Nasdaq Capital Market.[14] The company's stock is traded on OTC Markets Group Inc.’s OTCQB Venture Market. [15]


On August 17, 2017, FalconStor appointed Todd Brooks as CEO. Previously, he served as COO of ESW Capital companies Aurea Software and Trilogy.[16]

In 2018, FalconStor moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas, and hired Brad Wolfe, former CFO for Asure Software, as CFO.[3]


In 2019, FalconStor launched its Data Mastery software platform (a rebrand of its FreeStor product).[17]


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