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Farhad Hasanzadeh
Farhad Hassanzadeh.jpg
Born(1962-04-09)9 April 1962
Abadan, Khuzestan Province, Iran
OccupationWriter, poet, journalist
GenresChildren's literature
Notable worksCall me Ziba
My Blog Is Up For Grabs
Farhad Hasanzadeh Centre

Farhad Hasanzadeh (Persian: فرهاد حسن‌زاده; born 9 April 1962) is an Iranian author and poet[citation needed] known for his children's literature.


Hasanzadeh was born in Abadan, one of the southern cities of Iran, in 1962. The Iran–Iraq War (1980–88) displaced him from his birthplace, which was in the warzone. He worked a variety of jobs before becoming a writer.[1] His first book, Fox and Bee Adventure (Persian: ماجرای روباه و زنبور), was published in 1991 in Shiraz. He later moved to Tehran.


Hasanzadeh has published more than 80 books for children and young adults, including novels, short stories, legends, fantasy, humour, biography and poetry.[1] He has also contributed to children's and young adults’ press, including "Soroosh Nojavan", "Soroosh Koodak", "Aftabgardan", "Keihan Bacheha". He has been a member of "Children Writers Association"[2] and a member of the directing board. He is now working for "Docharkheh", one of the most-circulated children magazines in Iran,[citation needed] accompanying the Hamshahri newspaper. Some of Hasanzadeh's books have been translated into other languages,[1] including English, Turkish, Malay and Chinese.

The Routledge Companion to International Children's Literature describes his work as "inclined towards a classic style" as opposed to postmodern.[3] His writing often deals with the subject of war, and particularly its effect on civilians; it takes a pacifist, humanist stance. Other topics include migration, homelessness and life in shanty towns. His characters are sometimes marginalised, and he often addresses social taboos such as rape and sexual abuse, subjects rarely covered in other Persian novels.[1] The Routledge Companion contrasts the feminist stance in his novel Hasti with typical Iranian children's literature.[3]


He has won many book awards,[1] including several Iran's Book of the Year Awards. He was the Iranian nomination for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2017 and 2018.[4][5] He was a runner-up in the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2018 and finally received the diploma in the award ceremony in Athens, Greece.[6][7][8] His novel Hasti has won several awards: winner in the Festival that teens judged,[9] the Silver Sign award of the Flying Turtle Festival[10] and the best book of the year on behalf of Children's Book Council.[11] He was among the top 6 writers selected for Hans Christian Andersen award and brought its appreciation plate back to his home country of Iran.[12] In June 2022, He has been nominated to receive the 2023 Astrid Lindgern Memorial Award.[13]

Selected works[edit]

  • Fox and Bee Adventure, Tehran:Nashr-e Rahgosha, 1991 (Persian: ماجرای روباه و زنبور)
  • Shimpaloo, Jijor and Me/ Happy New Year, Shimpaloo!, Illustrated by:Mehdi Shiri.Tehran: Nashr-e Chekeh, 1393/2014 (Persian: من+جی‌جور+شیمپالو)
  • A Melody for Wednsedays, Tehran: Entesharat-e Rouzegar, 1998 (Persian: آهنگی برای چهارشنبه‌ها)
  • Masho in Fog, Tehran: Nashr-e Sourehye Mehr, 1994 (Persian: ماشو در مه)
  • The Scorpions on the Bambek Ship, Tehran: Nashr-e Ofogh, 1395/2016 (Persian: عقرب‌های کشتی بمبک)
  • The Moonlight Guest, Tehran: Nashr-e Ofogh, 1387/2008 (Persian: مهمان مهتاب)
  • Wish Stones, Illustrated by:Hoda Hadadi.Tehran:Entesharat-e Elmi Farhangi, 1385/2006 (Persian: سنگ‌های آرزو)
  • Laleh's Lamp, Tehran: Entesharat-e Zekr, 2000 (Persian: چراغ لاله)
  • Call Me Ziba, Tehran: Kanoon-e Parvaresh-e Fekri-ye Kudakan va Nowjavanan (Kanoon), 1394/2015 (Persian: زیبا صدایم کن)[16]
  • Chasing Bita, Tehran:Nashr-e Ghou, 2008 (Persian: به دنبال بیتا)
  • Laugh if Tickled, Tehran: Entesharat-e Peydayesh, 2008 (Persian: خنده به شرط قلقلک)
  • My Blog Is Up For Grabs: A literary novel from Iran for young people, Independently published, 2nd Ed., February 2020 (Persian: این وبلاگواگذار می‌شود)
  • The Same Purple Shoe, Tehran:Entesharat-e Kanoon 2003 (Persian: همان لنگه کفش بنفش)
  • The Backyard, Tehran: Entesharat-e Ghoghnous, 2003(Persian: حیاط خلوت)[18][19]
  • A Happy Family's Grins, Tehran:Entesharat-e Charkho falak, 2003(Persian: لبخندهای کشمشی یک خانواده‌ی خوشبخت)[20]
  • Kooti Kooti Tales, in Brail, by Kanoon, 2013 (Persian: قصه‌های کوتی کوتی)
  • The Pot-headed Monster, e-book, Kanoon, 2010 (Persian: دیو دیگ به سر)
  • Will & Nill, publisher: Tiny Owl Publishing, 2016 (Persian: بشو و نشو)[21]
  • Bang, Bang, Bang, Illustrated Children Story Book, Cheshmeh Publications, 2022( Persian : بنگ، بنگ، بنگ)
  • First Things First, Illustrated Children Story Book, Fatemi Publications, 2022( Persian: یک کار خیلی مهم)

Works translated to languages other than Persian[edit]

  • Kooty Kooty Tales/ in Chinese/ published in Hong Kong, 2010
  • Kooty Kooty Tales/in Malay/published in Malaysia, 2010
  • Kooty Kooty Tales/in English and Persian/published in Iran by center of intellectual development for children and young adults, 2010
  • Watch out you don’t catch a cold Kooty Kooty/ in English/published in Iran, 2016
  • Move the world Kooty Kooty/in English/published in Iran, 2016
  • Pot-headed monster/ in Kurdish/by center of intellectual development for children and young adults, 2010
  • Hasti/in English/center of intellectual development for children and young adults, 2014
  • Call me Ziba/in English/center of intellectual development for children and young adults, 2016
  • Will and Nill/ in English/ Tiny Owl publishing in UK, 2016
  • Call me Ziba/ in Turkish/ published in Turkey
  • This weblog is being turned over/in English/now available in a creative English translation
  • Call me Ziba/ in Armenian language/ published in Armenia, 2019


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Further reading[edit]

  • Ghane, Fateme; Nojoumian, Amir Ali (2021). "Modern Iranian Female Identity in Farhad Hassanzadeh's Hasti". International Research in Children's Literature. 14 (2): 213–225. doi:10.3366/ircl.2021.0398. S2CID 236541272.