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The Federation of Christian Populars (Italian: Federazione dei Cristiano Popolari, FCP) was a short-lived Christian-democratic political party in Italy which has been a faction within The People of Freedom (PdL), a broad centre-right party led by Silvio Berlusconi, and is now part of New Centre-Right (NCD).

The party was founded by Mario Baccini, after that he left the Rose for Italy and took part to the foundation of the PdL.[1] The party was joined by Antonio Satta and his Sardinian Autonomist Populars, a splinter group from UDEUR.[2] In October 2008 the FCP officially decided to merge into the PdL.[3] In October 2012 the balance of accounts of the PdL showed that the Christian Populars had received €40,000 of financial support from the mother-party.[4]

In August 2009 Satta launched the Christian Popular Union, which joined the Union of the Centre (UdC) instead.[5][6]

In November 2013 the Christian Populars left the PdL and joined the newly formed NCD.[7][8][9]



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