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Web address feedalizr.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Desktop Social Media Aggregator
Available in English
Owner Naspers
Created by MIH SWAT
Launched April 2008
Alexa rank
positive decrease 24,713,180 (February 2014)[1]

feedalizr was a cross-platform, desktop social media aggregator built using Adobe Integrated Runtime[2] that consolidates the updates from social media and social networking websites. Users can then use this application to update those sites from their desktop and view a consolidated stream of information.

Developed by a distributed team named MIH SWAT, located in Cape Town and Sao Paulo, it was the first Adobe AIR application for Friendfeed[3]

As of 2009, feedalizr is no longer being maintained.

Supported services[edit]

A user could configure his or her feedalizr account to aggregate content from the following services:

Social Media Aggregation





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