The Feminist Art Journal

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The Feminist Art Journal
The Feminist Art Journal.jpg
1977 cover
Categories Feminist art
Publisher Feminist Art Journal, Inc.
Year founded 1972
Final issue 1977
Country USA
Based in New York
Language English
ISSN 0300-7014
OCLC number 474102725

The Feminist Art Journal was a feminist art publication that was produced from 1972 to 1977.[1][2] It was the first stable, widely read journal of its kind.[3]


The Feminist Art Journal was started in 1972 by several women involved in the Feminist Art Movement in New York, including Cindy Nemser, Pat Mainardi, and Irene Moss.[4] The three editors founded the journal with three stated goals: 1) To be the voice of women artists in the art world; 2) To improve the status of all women artists; and 3) To expose sexist exploitation and discrimination.[5]

In its five-year run, The Feminist Art Journal published articles about and interviews with breakthrough female artists, creative writing pieces, and art historical essays, keeping its content consistently diverse. Featured artists worked in all mediums, and over twenty historical profiles of female figures in art were published.[6]

Contributors included Faith Bromberg.[7]

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