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Field Days is the performing and recording name of Patrick Damphier (born December 20, 1981), an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Damphier has also toured as a member of The Mynabirds, Lionlimb, and Stone Jack Jones. He has worked as producer for such acts as The Mynabirds, Tim Easton, The Arcs, Paper Rival, Photo Ops, and Night Beds. Damphier is known to often provide substantial contributions as a multi-instrumentalist to the albums he produces.

The first Field Days recording to be released was Projector, in 2010. Damphier recorded the album in a friend's basement in Nashville, Tennessee, on a 4-track, reel to reel machine that he obtained from an ex-Loretta Lynn staff songwriter.[1] Projector received critical acclaim not only for its music, but also for its handmade packaging and artwork.[2] The websites REDEFINE Magazine and Design*Sponge both posted features that were dedicated entirely to the album's packaging.[3][4]