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This article is about the pinball game. For other uses, see Fire power (disambiguation).
Firepower flyer.png
American arcade flyer for Firepower
Manufacturer Williams
Release date February 1980
System Williams System 6
Design Steve Ritchie
Programming Eugene Jarvis
Artwork Constantino Mitchell
Mechanics John Jung
Sound Eugene Jarvis
Voices Steve Ritchie
Production run 17,410

Firepower (also known as Multi-Ball Firepower) is a 1980 pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams. The machine had a production run of 17,410 machines.[1]

The machine was originally supposed to have two sets of 3 drop targets. For economical reasons these were changed to stand up targets. Some Firepower owners have modified their machines to drop-targets.


Firepower was the first solid-state electronic pinball to feature 3-ball Multi-Ball, as well as "Lane Change." This feature allows the player to control the lamps of the topmost rollovers utilizing the right flipper button.

Digital versions[edit]

Firepower is a playable table of Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection and available as downloadable content (DLC) for The Pinball Arcade for several platforms as licensed table. Firepower was also included in the arcade game UltraPin.


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