Firmus and Rusticus

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Saints Firmus and Rusticus
Sebastiano Ricci 042.jpg
Saints Firmus and Rusticus of Verona with an angel, by Sebastiano Ricci. Saint Proculus is seated.
Born Bergamo, Italy
Died ca. 290
Verona, Italy
Feast 9 August

Saints Firmus and Rusticus (Italian: San Fermo e San Rustico) (died ca. 290 AD) are venerated as two martyrs of Verona. Their unreliable Acts state that Firmus and Rusticus, kinsmen, were prominent citizens of Bergamo. They were martyred at Verona under the Emperor Maximian after refusing to sacrifice to pagan idols. Under the judge Anolinus, they were tortured, beaten with clubs, and beheaded.

It has been postulated that Firmus and Rusticus were actually two martyrs of Africa whose relics were translated to Verona. Their Acts were written to make heroes of Verona instead.Their feast day is celebrated on August 9.


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