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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the First Battle of Deep Bottom (July 27–29, 1864) of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]


Union Forces[edit]

General in Chief[edit]

LTG Ulysses S. Grant

Army of the Potomac[edit]

MG George Meade

II Corps[edit]

MG Winfield Scott Hancock



  • 1st Battalion, New York Infantry: Maj Wesley Brainerd

Chief of Artillery: Col John C. Tidball

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
     BG Francis C. Barlow

1st Brigade

   Col James C. Lynch

Consolidated Brigade[2]

   Col Clinton D. MacDougall[3]

4th Brigade

   Ltc Knut Oscar Broady

Second Division
     MG John Gibbon
Provost guard:
2nd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters: Cpt Mahlon Black

1st Brigade

   Ltc Francis E. Pierce

2nd Brigade

   Col Mathew Murphy

3rd Brigade

   Col Thomas A. Smyth

Third Division
     BG Gershom Mott

1st Brigade

   BG Régis de Trobriand

2nd Brigade

   Col Daniel Chaplin (until July 28)[10]
   Col Henry J. Madill (July 28)

3rd Brigade

   Col Robert McAllister

4th Brigade

   Col William R. Brewster

Artillery Brigade

   Maj John G. Hazard

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG Philip Sheridan

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Cavalry Division
     BG David McMurtrie Gregg

1st Brigade

   BG Henry Eugene Davies

2nd Brigade

   Col John Irvin Gregg

Army of the James[edit]

MG Benjamin F. Butler

X Corps[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

3rd Brigade

   BG Robert Sanford Foster

XIX Corps[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division

1st Brigade

   BG Henry Warner Birge


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cavalry Division
     BG August Kautz

1st Brigade

   Col Robert M. West

2nd Brigade

   Col Samuel P. Spear

  • 4th Wisconsin Battery (1st section): Cpt George B. Easterly
  • 4th Wisconsin Battery (2nd section): Lt William P. Powers

Naval forces[edit]

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