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First Lady or First Gentleman of Indonesia
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First Lady Iriana.jpg
Iriana Joko Widodo

since 20 October 2014
StyleMrs. Widodo
ResidenceMerdeka Palace (Official)
State Palace
Bogor Palace
Tampaksiring Palace
Gedung Agung
Cipanas Palace
Term length5 years
Inaugural holderFatmawati Soekarno (as first lady)
Taufiq Kiemas (as first gentleman)
Formation18 August 1945 (75 years ago)

Throughout Indonesian history, the title of First Lady (Indonesian: Ibu Negara) or, in an instance, First Gentleman (Indonesian: Bapak Negara) has been used to refer to the wife or husband of the president of Indonesia. While the Constitution of Indonesia does not mention anything about the spouses of the president, it continues to hold significant influence in the Indonesian society.

The current holder of the title is Iriana Joko Widodo, wife of current president Joko Widodo. Taufiq Kiemas, husband of President Megawati Sukarnoputri, to date is the only First Gentleman.[1]


It is unclear when the role of Ibu Negara first developed in the Indonesian constitutional conventions. Sukarno, the first president, was married to his third wife Fatmawati when he became president on August 1945. Sukarno then married Hartini on July 1953 on Fatmawati's permission. Hartini lived in Istana Bogor and also accompanied the president to official state duties and visit abroad.[2] Throughout his presidency, Sukarno married another five women, but Fatmawati remained the first lady.

Siti Hartinah, Soeharto's wife, occupied the role of Ibu Negara until her death on April 1996. Her eldest daughter, Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana ("Tutut") acted on behalf of her mother throughout the remaining of her father's presidency until 1998. From March to May 1998, she also served as the minister of social affairs.

Living former first spouses[edit]

Excluding Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana (acting), there is currently one living former first spouse of Indonesia (as of 23 February 2021):

List of title holders[edit]


Portrait Name Tenure Age at tenure start President
(Spouse, unless noted)
1 Portrait of Fatmawati Fatmawati
5 February 1923 – 14 May 1980
(aged 57)

18 August 1945

12 March 1967
22 years, 194 days Sukarno
2 Portrait of Siti Hartinah Siti Hartinah
23 August 1923 – 28 April 1996
(aged 72)

12 March 1967

28 April 1996 (death)
43 years, 201 days Suharto
- Portrait of Situ Hardiyanti Rukmana Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana
b. 23 January 1949

28 April 1996

21 May 1998
47 years, 96 days Suharto
3 Habibie-Ainun (cropped).jpg Hasri Ainun Besari
11 August 1937 – 22 May 2010
(aged 72)

21 May 1998

20 October 1999
60 years, 283 days Bacharuddin J. Habibie
4 Sinta Nuriyah during the International Conference on Feminism, 2016-09-23 02.jpg Sinta Nuriyah
b. 8 March 1948

20 October 1999

23 July 2001
51 years, 226 days Abdurrahman Wahid
5 M. Taufiq Kiemas Official.jpg Muhammad Taufiq Kiemas
31 December 1942 – 8 June 2013
(aged 70)

23 July 2001

20 October 2004
58 years, 204 days Megawati Sukarnoputri
6 Ani Yudhoyono 2009.jpg Kristiani Herrawati
6 July 1952 – 1 June 2019
(aged 66)

20 October 2004

20 October 2014
52 years, 106 days Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
7 First Lady Iriana.jpg Iriana
b. 1 October 1963

20 October 2014

51 years, 19 days Joko Widodo


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