Firooz Bahram High School

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Firooz Bahram High School
دبیرستان فیروز بهرام
Firooz Bahram High School 7.jpg
Firooz Bahram High School entrance
ST Mirza Kuckkhan, Tehran, Iran
Coordinates 35°41′43″N 51°24′50″E / 35.69539°N 51.41385°E / 35.69539; 51.41385Coordinates: 35°41′43″N 51°24′50″E / 35.69539°N 51.41385°E / 35.69539; 51.41385
Founded 1932
Founder Bhramjy Bikajy

Firooz Bahram High School (دبیرستان فیروز بهرام) is one of Tehran's oldest high schools still in operation.


Built in 1932, it was constructed on the property of Zoroastrians such as Ardeshir Kiamanesh. The school was named after an Iranian Zoroastrian that died in the Mediterranean in World War I. The school's establishment was supported by the then Zoroastrian representative in the Majles Keikhosro Shahrokh (کيخسرو شاهرخ).[1]


The Zoroastrian symbol is visible on the main facade of the building.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr (President of Sharif University) went to Firuz Bahram High School before leaving for the United States[2] A Prime Minister of Iran, Chancellor of Tehran University, and Ezatollah Negahban (Iran's father of Archeology)[3] also are among the alumni of this school. The school was not the first Zoroastrian high school in Tehran however. That credit is given to Jamshid Jam (جمشيد جم) High School built in 1906.[1]

Kamaloddin Jenab, one of Iran's pioneers of nuclear physics was director of the school for a while.[4]


The architecture of the building is clearly that of the Qajar era of Iran.

The school is a historical landmark and cultural heritage of Tehran today.

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