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Abbot and Bishop of Killaloe
Born6th-7th century
Kingdom of Munster
Died7th-8th century
Killaloe, Munster
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
FeastDecember 18

Flannán mac Toirrdelbaig (Latin: Flannanus; fl. 640)[1] was an Irish saint who lived in the 7th century and was the son of an Irish chieftain, Toirdhealbhach of Dál gCais. He entered Mo Lua's monastery at Killaloe, where it is believed he became an Abbot. He is remembered as a great preacher.

He made a pilgrimage to Rome where Pope John IV consecrated him as the first Bishop of Killaloe, of which he is the Patron Saint. He also preached in the Hebrides. His feast day is 18 December.[2]

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