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Fluke discography
Studio albums 5
Live albums 1
Compilation albums 3
Singles 22

The discography of English electronic music group Fluke consists of five studio albums, one live album, three compilation albums, a white label promo album, twenty-two singles; of which eighteen were released on label and seven are white label and/or promotional only singles.

The discography also lists remixes that the group as produced for other artists and music released by the group under the alias The Lucky Monkeys. Releases by other groups that also involve Fluke (2 Bit Pie, Beauty School and Syntax) are listed on their individual pages.


The following is a list of all albums by Fluke, sorted into albums released on label, live albums and white label/promotional albums. The right-hand column of this section lists all of the albums chronologically.


The following is a list of all singles by Fluke, sorted into singles released on label and White Label/Promotional singles. There are some overlaps between the two categories where singles were released only promotionally but not on white label. The right-hand column of this section lists all of the singles chronologically.


This is a list of remixes that Fluke have produced for other artists.

Artist Title Remix title Length Format
2 Bit Pie "Here I Come" Fluke Remix 7:11 CDR
Atlas "Compass Error" Fluke Remix 8:00 12" Vinyl
Banco de Gaia "Obsidian" Fluke Mix 8:56 12" Vinyl/CD
Björk "Big Time Sensuality" Fluke's Magimix 5:51 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke's Minimix 4:05 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke's Moulimix 5:43 12" Vinyl/CD
Björk "Violently Happy" Fluke Even Tempered 4:33 12" Vinyl/CD/Cassette
Fluke Well Tempered 5:54 12" Vinyl/CD
Björk "Hyperballad" Fluke Mix 6:39 CD
EBH "Chocolate Coated Money" Fluke Mix 1 6:06 CD
Fluke Mix 2 6:12 12" Vinyl
Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Two Tribes" Fluke's Magimix 5:27 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke's Magimix Instrumental 5:27 12" Vinyl
Fluke's Minimix 3:50 12" Vinyl/CD/Cassette
Fluke's Moulimix 7:02 12" Vinyl/CD
Horse "Celebrate" Magimix 6:10 12" Vinyl/CD
Moulimix 6:29 12" Vinyl/CD
The Human League "Love Action" Fluke's Dub Action Remix 7:13 CD
Tomoyasu Hotei "Believe Me, I'm a Liar" Fluke Dub Mix 5:18 CD
Fluke Remix 5:34 CD
The Impossibles "Delphis" Remixed by Fluke 5:55 12" Vinyl/CD
JC-001 "Never Again" Moulimix 6:17 12" Vinyl/CD
Juno Reactor "Pistolero" Fluke "Hang'Em High" Remix 5:18 12" Vinyl/CD
Khaled "Kebou" Fluke Mix 6:41 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke 132 BPM Mix 7:49 12" Vinyl
Little Axe "Ride On (Fight On)" Fluke Mid-Fi Surprise 7:10 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke Lo-Fi Surprise 6:13 12" Vinyl
Fluke Mid-Fi Instrumental 7:10 12" Vinyl
The Lucky Monkeys "Bjango" Fluke Remix Six to the Floor 5:56 12" Vinyl/CD
Mellow "Paris Sous La Neige" Dr Syntax Vox Remix 6:33 12" Vinyl/CD
Dr Syntax Instrumental Remix 6:33 12" Vinyl/CD
Robert Miles "Full Moon" Fluke Vocal Eclipse 6:43 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke Instrumental Eclipse 5:13 12" Vinyl/CD
New Order "Spooky" Magimix 6:57 12" Vinyl/CD
Minimix 3:51 12" Vinyl/CD
Moulimix 5:49 12" Vinyl/CD
Opik "Eastern" Fluke Remix 5:45 12" Vinyl
Pop Will Eat Itself "RSVP" Fluke Breakfast Mix 6:24 CD
Fluke Lunch/Dinner Mix 6:24 CD
Fluke Supper Mix 5:28 CD
Rairbirds "Need More Now" Fluke Remix 7:07 12" Vinyl/CD
The Rolling Stones "Out of Control" In Hand With Fluke Edit 4:32 CD
In Hand With Fluke 8:27 12" Vinyl/CD
In Hand With Fluke Instrumental 5:58 12" Vinyl/CD
Sensation "Beautiful Morning" Fluke's Magimix 6:25 CD
Fluke's Multi Practice Mix 6:24 CD
Simple Minds "Theme for Great Cities '98" Fluke's Atlantis Mix 5:37 CD
Smashing Pumpkins "The End Is the Beginning Is the End" Stuck in the Middle With Fluke - Alternate Mix 5:39 12" Vinyl/CD
Stuck in the Middle With Fluke - Instrumental Mix 6:45 12" Vinyl/CD
Stuck in the Middle With Fluke - Vocal Mix 6:44 12" Vinyl/CD
Soft Ballet "Spindle" Fluke Remix 6:11 CD
Talk Talk "Life's What You Make It" Remixed by Fluke 6:15 12" Vinyl/CD
Tears for Fears "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams" Mix 1 6:23 12" Vinyl/CD
Mix 2 5:58 12" Vinyl/CD
World of Twist "She's a Rainbow" Radio Edit 3:39 CD
Right Foot Yellow Mix 5:24 12" Vinyl/CD
Left Hand Blue Mix 5:54 12" Vinyl
Yello "How How" Brown Cow Mix 5:29 12" Vinyl/CD
Dee Doo Dee Mix 5:52 12" Vinyl/CD
Dee Doo Dee Dub mix 5:55 12" Vinyl/CD
Fluke Radio Edit 3:21 CD
Papa-Who-Ma-Mix 5:41 12" Vinyl/CD

Aliases and related artists[edit]

Discographies of bands who; contain all members of Fluke, contain any of the members of Fluke or are Fluke under a different name.

2 Bit Pie[edit]

Main article: 2 Bit Pie

Beauty School[edit]

Main article: Beauty School (band)

The Lucky Monkeys[edit]

  • "All Aboard" (1990, Self-Released/Lafayette)
  • "Bjango" (1996, Polydor/Hi Life Recordings)


Main article: Syntax (band)


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