Fly Guy (video game)

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Fly Guy
FLY GUY Screenshot.png
Starting location
Publisher(s)Trevor van Meter
Designer(s)Trevor van Meter
Programmer(s)2002: Jason Krogh,[1] 2016: Tom Sennett[2]
Artist(s)Trevor van Meter
Composer(s)Brian McBrearty
Vas Kottas
Platform(s)Adobe Flash
Release2002,[3] 2016[4]
Genre(s)Graphic adventure

Fly Guy is a 2002 Adobe Flash game designed by Trevor van Meter, an illustrator and graphic designer from Greenville, North Carolina.[5]


In an interview, van Meter said that he created Fly Guy because he felt that people with jobs wanted to escape, so he built a Flash game around that idea.[6]


Time Magazine listed Fly Guy as one of their favorite websites of 2004, calling it "A delightful bit of interactive flash" and "not a bad place to be".[7] The Observer's Very Short List called it "whimsical and deceptively simple".[8]


On 29 July 2016 Fly Guy was re-released on mobile platforms, and is now available for iOS and Android.[4] The game was rebuilt in GameMaker by Tom Sennett.


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