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The Flyers Cup is an annual high school ice hockey tournament held by the Philadelphia Flyers. The invitational tournament is the scholastic hockey championship for eastern Pennsylvania high schools and is conducted through three tiers of play, AAA, AA, and A with AAA representing private schools, AA large public schools and A small public schools based on male student enrollment. There are 53 participating teams consisting of 13 AAA, 20 AA, and 20 A chosen from teams participating in the following leagues: the Eastern High School Hockey League, the Inter-County Scholastic Hockey League, the Lehigh Valley Scholastic Hockey League, the Lower Bucks County Scholastic Hockey League, the South Jersey High School Ice Hockey League, the Suburban High School Hockey League, and the Central Pennsylvania Ice Hockey League. Teams are invited to participate based on their skill level as demonstrated by the strength of their overall schedule and season performance. The winner of the Flyers Cup at each tier level plays the respective western champion as determined by the Penguins Cup, held by the Pittsburgh Penguins, for the Pennsylvania State High School Ice Hockey Championship.


The following teams have won the AAA Flyers Cup:

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