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Fognews is a Russian news satire website.

In the spirit of the publication, there is a statement in Latin on their home page, "Nоvае rеs а nоbis confictae" (New things we have made up).

For instance, there is the Aug. 17 story of the nationalist Russian politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is given to erratic behavior and disruptive outbursts, resigning on account of his unacceptable behavior and his calm and polite delivery of this notice is noted. In addition, there was an Aug. 5 story of renowned orchestra conductor and supporter of President of Russia Vladimir Putin's regime, Valery Gergiev, halting a concert to deliver a protest speech about the harsh legal treatment of the punk band, Pussy Riot, for their protest stunt in a church.[1]

Similar satirical news websites include The Onion (USA) and Private Eye (Britain). [1]

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